Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my return on investment by replacing my old windows?

A. Although cost savings associated with window replacement is affected by many factors including local climate, existing windows, and the size of your home, you can be certain that replacing old windows with modern energy-efficient one will result in lower heating and cooling costs. Advanced developments in window design feature more insulation in the frames and multiple-pane designs that block air from escaping through windows.

Q: What is the best way to replace all my windows?

A: Ideally, homeowners can replace all inefficient windows at one time to maximize the benefits and savings. However, we understand that this is not always practical from a home budget perspective. As a result, our professionals can help design a window-replacement package and plan to replace the windows in the order and at the rate that suits your home and financial situation best.

Q: Should I purchase high-efficiency windows and install them on my own?

A: In today’s age of information, you can find instructions on how to do just about anything online. Although you may save some money on labor by installing new windows on your own, it may be more involved than you initially think. Remember that professionals have not only all the right tools and equipment for window installation, but they bring day-to-day expertise and training to the job. This means that they can ensure that windows are installed properly to maximize your savings as well as eliminate the hassle of learning a skill that you may never have to use again.

Q: Should I purchase windows from my local home improvement store?

A: Products sold by chain home improvement stores are typically inexpensive, lower end products that provide only basic levels of performance. Because we work with window replacement every day, we have access to high-quality windows at bulk prices, and we can easily pass along the savings to our customers. Our large selection allows more custom window sizes, which are not available at big box stores.

Q: Does my current window limit my future window choices?

A: No. More than likely, window styles that are available today may not have been available when your original windows were installed. Our professionals can share with you multiple design and style options, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. We are happy to help you select the best new windows that improve the value and beauty of your home.

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