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We at Miami Window Replacement Pros are the premier window replacement company in the Miami region with years of experience. We have been proudly serving the greater Miami area for years with our expertise in a wide range of window replacement and window upgrade services. Every year lots of clients with various types of window sizes, materials, and designs issues contact our firm when in need of window replacement. Because of this, we’ve built an extensive network of potential clients in the greater Miami areas for whom we are always on call 24hrs a day.

Legal Compliance: We are a fully registered and incorporated firm. We comply with all state and federal laws that cover window replacement Miami and attendant services. Our team of attorneys has always ensured that we are up to date on all legal compliances including new legislations put in place by both state legislator and Congress. This allows us to enter into legal contracts with lots of clients; both residential and commercial. We are certified in all facets including our third party contracts. The extent of legal compliance covers both our internal processes as well as client safety and occupational safety legal compliance.

Our Staffers: If there is one facet of our company that we place the greatest emphasis on, it’s the staffing. Our team has the widest range of skills needed to provide excellent window replacement services. We provide continuous training and appraisal of our team to ensure that they are able to meet emerging needs and challenges in the industry. Not only do we hire for technical skills we also place significant emphasis on professional skills like courtesy, communication, empathy, and timeliness. All our staffers are properly trained and also have certifications from the respective state boards.

Service Areas in Miami: We service many of the households among the 2 million households in Miami. We cover areas like Coral Springs, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. Through the years we’ve built our reputation in the more than 20 settlements that make up, the greater Miami. Given the diversity of our clients in terms of their households and window replacement needs, we’ve handled tens of different kinds of window replacement challenges. This has in turn built into our staffers a sense of creativity, experience, and inventiveness that makes us the go-to team for all window replacement need in the area.

The Scope of Our Services: We offer competitive pricing and a broad range of solutions needed when it comes to window replacement. The services include new window installation, commercial window replacement, window replacement, and window efficiency testing as well as window upgrades. The other major window replacement services that we offer include new construction windows, retrofit windows, window repairs and sliding door repairs as well as door installation. Our range of solutions is not restricted to the ones listed above. We also offer painting and staining as well as other reinstallation and after installation services for your windows.

Who supervises the work? We do have a dedicated site supervisor as part of our production team. His role is to ensure that the particular technician assigned to your home gets the reading right, chooses the appropriate window for the home and completes the work on time. After the installation, the supervisor will visit your home to ascertain that the work was done to specification. This ensures that you are able to report your feedback, concerns or satisfaction to personnel who has the power to ensure changes are made to your window.

Quick Facts

•We handle all types of window replacement jobs both large and small as well as offer warranty appropriate for the specific window replacement works and in line with state laws.
•We do offer Free Estimates for your work before sending you a technician.
•At the end of the replacement, we will send you an itemized invoice for the work done, and we accommodate Credit Cards payment.
•We also provide advisory service for our clients in terms of the best type, size, and material of the window for their home.

Insurance: First, all our technicians are insured against workplace injuries besides providing them with safety kits for work. We also provide job-specific insurance for your window job. Please discuss your options with our sales team. Keep in mind that the windows come with warranties. This combined with our insurance covers ensures that the entire scope of work is well covered in case of damage or injuries. We always make sure our work does not invalidate the extent of the homeowner’s insurance cover. By calling on us, you’ll be joining a long list of satisfied clients whom we’ve worked with.

Types Of Window & Door Replacement Services

Window Replacement
New Window Installation
Commercial Window Replacement
Window Efficiency Testing
Window Upgrades
New Construction Windows
Retrofit Windows
Window Repairs
Sliding Door Repairs
Door Installation

Our solutions are not restricted to the ones in the list above, call us today for more information!

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